Allison is an experienced educator with over 14 years teaching in public schools.  This experience in meeting every learner where they are at, paired with her own experiences with and training about childbirth and motherhood, is what sets her apart as a childbirth educator.

It is through her own pregnancy and childbirth experiences that she was inspired to become a childbirth educator herself.  In 2012, pregnant with her first child, Allison and her husband, Jordan, were looking for more comprehensive classes than they were offered through the hospital.  Hoping for the most intervention-free childbirth as possible, the multiple classes they took through various hospitals didn't offer them the information and confidence they were looking for.  They chose an inclusive and supportive course with the focus on incorporating Jordan as an active member of the process and on educating Allison to a state of empowerment.  The course created in them informed consumers that were prepared to make informed decisions. They "graduated" excited to meet the challenge of labor and delivery.  They went into the birth confident and ready!  A healthy baby boy was born naturally 26 hours later.  Since then, Allison and Jordan have been able to navigate their way through two more healthy and intervention-free births.

Allison credits her comprehensive childbirth classes and the unwavering support of her childbirth educator with instilling the confidence she needed to advocate for herself and her baby in order to work towards positive birth experiences. Jordan credits the same for providing him with the information he needed to be an unwavering physical and emotional support and confident advocate during the birth of their sons.

Shortly after her first birth experience, Allison began coaching other pregnant moms and sharing her knowledge and experiences to help them achieve the most positive and natural childbirth experiences possible. It became clear to her that this was a calling.  With the full support of her husband, Allison trained with Informed Beginnings to become a Childbirth Educator.

After her training, Allison was committed to providing the Fox Valley area with the information, support, and services they needed to navigate pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.  She founded Woven in the Womb to create a safe and inclusive place for women to experience what she had- empowerment, confidence, and support.