Woven in the Womb offers comprehensive Informed Beginnings childbirth classes. Informed Beginnings is a cooperative with the mission of educating and empowering mothers and partners by providing current, evidence-based information for the childbearing year. We teach positive, compassionate classes that strengthen confidence in the process of birth while respecting the diverse needs and birth plans of our students.


Standard Series (8-10 weeks)

A standard class series is a comprehensive curriculum and includes detailed information and research on the following:

  • Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy exercise and nutritional needs
  • Birth place and Care Provider choices
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Natural methods of pain management
  • Safe and effective comfort techniques
  • Breathing during labor and delivery
  • Support skills for the birth partner
  • Writing effective and positive birth plans
  • Stages of Labor and Birth
  • Complications, variations, and interventions
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum care and Newborn care
  • And more!

Many couples often ask why they should dedicate 8-10 weeks to something they can cross off the list in one day through a hospital-based "crash course." Most hospital classes are designed to help you cooperate with hospital procedures. They briefly touch upon topics they feel are relevant, focus heavily on various medical interventions, and introduce you to other options. Some can be accepting of a natural mindset, while others can dismiss it.  By committing to a comprehensive class, you know that you will be given as much information and research as you need to feel comfortable, as well as time to process the information, ask questions, and practice techniques. You will also have the opportunity to form bonds and create a supportive community that will be there long after your last class.  We spend days, weeks, and months contemplating and researching which car to buy, what neighborhood to move to, and which dishwasher would work best for our kitchen, shouldn't we put at least that much concern into the births of our children?

NOTE: While we advocate for a comprehensive approach to childbirth education, we do support also taking a hospital-based class at the hospital in which you are planning on delivering, if hospital birth is your plan. It will give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the hospital's layout, routines and practices, as well as to have an opportunity to ask any hospital-specific questions. Many hospitals also offer useful breastfeeding and newborn care classes led by Lactation Consultants.

Refresher Series (3 weeks)

This shortened series is offered for experienced moms who want a refresher before going into their next birth.  Classes will focus on stages of labor, pain management and comfort techniques, and postpartum care.  There will also be time to address questions and concerns.

NOTE: If you are an experienced mom who is looking to transition to natural childbirth from previous use of medical interventions or a mom who is looking to attempt a VBAC, please contact Allison to determine which series would be most valuable and appropriate for your situation.

Condensed Series

Running out of time? Worried you waited too long to start thinking about taking childbirth classes? Fear not! While there might not be enough time to cover and practice everything, condensed series can be organized for moms with due dates too near to accommodate a full series. Please contact Allison for information and availability!