Special thanks to Ashlee of 4th Trimester Bodies Project for the amazing headshot.

Special thanks to Ashlee of 4th Trimester Bodies Project for the amazing headshot.

By day, Allison is a middle school teacher.  She graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2004 as a high school English teacher on the south side of Chicago. After earning her Masters Degree in Special Education from National Louis University, she eventually found her way to a 7th and 8th grade Language Arts classroom in Aurora.  She now teaches middle school Language Arts and Social Studies at the new John C. Dunham STEM Partnership School at Aurora University.

It is through her own pregnancy and childbirth experiences that she was inspired to become a childbirth educator herself.  In 2012, pregnant with her first child, Allison and her husband, Jordan, were looking for more comprehensive classes than they were offered through the hospital.  Hoping for the most intervention-free childbirth as possible, the multiple classes they took through various hospitals didn't offer them the information and confidence they were looking for.  They found all they needed through Informed Beginnings classes.  Though they researched many options for childbirth classes, they believed Informed Beginnings to be the most inclusive and supportive group.  With the focus on incorporating Jordan as an active member of the process and on educating Allison to a state of empowerment, as well as the focus on creating informed consumers that were prepared to make informed decisions, they were excited to meet the challenge of labor and delivery.  They went into the birth confident and ready!  A healthy baby boy was born naturally 26 hours later.  A little over a year later, they sat reviewing their materials from their Informed Beginnings class as they prepared to go into labor again.  After only seven and a half hours, and a few minor complications, their second son was born naturally!

Allison credits her education through Informed Beginnings classes and the unwavering support of her childbirth educator with instilling the confidence she needed to advocate for herself and her baby in order to work towards a positive birth experience. Jordan credits the same for providing him with the information he needed to be an unwavering physical and emotional support and confident advocate during the birth of their sons.

Shortly after her first birth experience, Allison began coaching other pregnant moms and sharing her knowledge and experiences to help them achieve the most positive and natural childbirth experiences possible. It became clear to her that this was a calling.  With the full support of her husband, Allison began the certification process through Informed Beginnings to become a Certified Childbirth Educator.

The rest, as they say, is history.